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Around the world

How did we get where we are? BRGroup started with a major operator in the Middle East. But with an unsatiable mindset, it took giant leaps to target big, to aim higher and win again and again. Our products and services cover a wide spectrum of local and overseas, from the early ages of products and services of the telecom legacy to the very new generations. Pushing to get first-rate intelligence for tomorrow and delivering smart technology today, we help businesses become smarter, offer cutting-edge technology and become a game-changer.


Adhering the highest quality parameters, BRGroup offers you a portfolio of telecommunication and network services in three continents: Asia, Africa and America. Our commitment to innovation and consistency in serving our partners helps our enterprise customers operate smarter, enables them achieve higher subscription rates and scale up their businesses.


Our leadership in shaping telecommunication services, and addressing the telecommunication needs of the industry has always been acknowledged by our customers. BRGroup is known for doing pioneering work and has received 27 national awards.


We target the telecommunication needs of big operators in different countries. Our telecommunication services enable operators to design smart services and offer consumers recent technology.